Shelley Beals

At the heart and soul of The Fry Girl Inc. is our remarkable founder, Shelley Beals – the original Fry Girl! Her journey from a humble farm upbringing to becoming a culinary entrepreneur is a testament to her passion for food, hard work, and a deep sense of community.

Shelley's culinary adventure began during her early years on a farm, where she learned the values of hard work and the importance of sharing meals with loved ones. As a young girl, she took on the responsibility of preparing meals not only for her family but also for the hired hands who worked the land. In her family, food wasn't just sustenance; it was a reason to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with one of their all-time favorite desserts – homemade donuts.

Guided by her mother and grandmother, Shelley mastered the art of frying up these delightful treats, setting the stage for her culinary journey. Her love for cooking and her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the sunny shores of Southern California, where she found herself working in a mini donut shop at the iconic Venice Beach.

In 2001, Shelley's unwavering passion and vision came to life when she embarked on her own venture. With the purchase of a mini donut machine, she set out to cater mini donuts at parties and events throughout the Los Angeles community. This marked the inception of The Fry Girl Inc., a venture that would grow to become a beloved fixture in the dessert catering scene.

Over the years, Shelley's dedication to delivering sweet moments has only deepened. She has expanded her menu to include not only the classic mini donuts but also other delectable treats like mini churros, frozen bananas, and artisan fruit popsicles. Her commitment to excellence and innovation is unwavering, and her boundless creativity keeps the menu fresh and exciting.

Today, Shelley Beals is not just a founder but also a culinary visionary who continues to dream up amazing new desserts to add to The Fry Girl Inc.'s menu. Her journey from farm to frying pan is a story of passion, hard work, and a commitment to bringing joy through the simple pleasure of delicious desserts. Join us in celebrating the original Fry Girl and her sweet journey.

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